January 30, 2008

CSS 筆記

CSS 筆記


CSS Property 筆記


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The overflow CSS property specifies whether to clip content, render scrollbars or just display content when it overflows its block level container.


opacity:0 / visibility: hidden / display:none

What is the difference between visibility:hidden and display:none

Collapses 的範例:

test | <span style="[style-tag-value]">1234567890</span> | test
  • display:none results in: test | | test
  • visibility:hidden results in:test | (&nbsp of 10 chars) | test

Does opacity:0 have exactly the same effect as visibility:hidden

  • Collapses: collapses the space that the element would normally occupy
  • Events: Responds to events (e.g., click, keypress)
  • Taborder: Participates in the taborder
Type collapse events taborder
opacity: 0 No Yes Yes
visibility: hidden No No No
visibility: collapse (note) No No
display: none Yes No No

(note): Yes if inside a table element, otherwise No.